In just six weeks in the summer of 2019, Founder & Executive Director, Dr. Ezenwayi tackled several developing nations including Nigeria, Dominican Republic, Ghana, South Africa, and Rwanda where she offered holistic support and innovative research-based entrepreneurial training to women and youth on topics such as financial literacy, marketing strategies, customer relations, stress management, etc. By steering them into thinking like entrepreneurs, she continues to guide them through an economic and identity labyrinth to overcome business challenges.

During her trip in Dominican Republic and Rwanda, Dr. Ezenwayi met and formed partnerships with governmental agencies, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), institutions, and individuals with synergistic missions. Her proudest moment was seeing women and youth in South Africa “hungry” to learn, writing down notes with pen and paper as she trained them on financial and marketing strategies. She was overwhelmed with her clients’ appreciation and thankfulness; despite some young women being shy, they didn’t want to leave. She trained farmers in Khayelitsha, including two men, business owners in Jamestown, and youth in Oceanside, before leaving for Ghana and Nigeria to train other women entrepreneurs there.

While in Ghana, several women showed up to receive training. After the training, one of the women thanked Dr. Ezenwayi in her native language for coming to train them. The director of Makola Institute also approached her to share that she invited one of the ladies from a local bank to see what the Institute does. The lady had not only praised Dr. Ezenwayi, but she also explained that the training was beyond excellent, and that the whole country should hear and learn from her training.

After landing in Nigeria, Dr. Ezenwayi met up with the women entrepreneurs who are under the leadership of her aunt, Mrs. Humble Mbaeri, who she fondly calls “the Regional Director”, and for the past year arranged and led the women in monthly training. She advanced their training by offering them $300 no-interest loan, and only required them to pay back monthly. Furthermore, she helped two women open bank accounts for the first time and provided additional business training to them. Her goal is to see them accelerate their businesses, as it will help them to make household financial decisions among other things. Her optimal and astonished moment came when one of the women entrepreneurs in Nigeria wept with joy when she offered her a loan.

As Dr. Ezenwayi was wrapping up her trip before flying back to the States, she evaluated her journey and determined that the successful progress of these women and youth will continue to simulate her to proceed in expanding her mission-based social enterprise business across the globe.